Offices and workspaces are not just about making the space look aesthetically appealing and attractive. There are numerous studies about the fact that good ambience and thoughtful interiors can increase employee productivity and satisfaction to a great extent.

When it comes to doing the interiors or revamping any commercial space, keeping up with the ever-changing global interior decor trends, is a daunting task. This is where businesses go for laminate and board specialists. Stylam has been in this industry for decades, and is not only the biggest manufacturer of laminates in India but also offers office space consultation for the best space designs and interiors.

Stylam manufactures and delivers laminates for reception areas, meeting & boardrooms, restaurants, workspaces, IT Rooms and more. Apart from laminates, Stylam also offers exterior cladding solutions to give exteriors a modern look and add years to it. One can explore decorative laminate design, colour, texture, and finish to ensure the interiors have the right look and feel.

For any commercial space, exteriors are as important as interiors. In the business of making a good impression, the right exterior boards are much needed. Stylam manufactures exterior panels called Fascia. These exterior panels are engineered using PMMA-based UV technology and block more than 99.8% of UV light to boost UV protection performance. The cladding solution panels are able to achieve highly durable, high scratch and abrasion wear resistance.
Offices and commercial spaces need to be high on attraction. And within such spaces, the reception or waiting area can provide the first impression to visitors and clients. Making this place attractive by adding some creativity and with the help of Stylam laminates and boards can boost the overall look and feel. Stylam manufactures Anti Figer Print Laminates/Prelam BoardsTouch me, Granex, Post Forming Laminates to offer a variety of laminate solutions that are high in utility, quality and appearance.
A number of client meetings and internal catch-ups/presentations happen in meetings and boardrooms. Stylam Magnetic Collection of laminates is the high-tech hybrid of industrial flair and sophisticated design. The Magnetic Laminate is widely used for writing with board non-permanent markers, making it ideal for a wide variety of official meetings. It’s a creative solution to organize workstations in the form of one smart surface.
Workspaces are the core of any commercial/office space. There are cabinets, tables, boards, and more. Stylish shelves using laminates can offer a unique touch to any office interior. Stylam high-pressure laminates (HPL) are robust, adaptable, and attractive. Specialized HPL are available in a number of textures and colours. option of customization is also available. all this so that offices can be done in a unique manner and carries the personality of the company.
There are spaces that are heavy on footfall. and then there are spaces where few people enter. Electronics and IT rooms are mostly secluded and sensitive spaces. Their design and construction require special attention. Therefore Stylam Electrostatic Dissipative laminates (ESD) are preferred in such spaces. ESD diffuse static electric charge to minimise electrostatic charge and meet all required specifications for electrostatic dissipative properties.
Interior design in restaurants, cafes and food courts is considered an essential aspect of any commercial space. And today, laminates stand out as one of the most popular and logical decorative surfacing solutions. Also, the age we are living in requires surfaces that are safeguarded against all kinds of germs. Stylam anti-bacterial laminates (also available in a variety of textures and colours) are scientifically manufactured to keep germs away. People can enjoy their meals without worrying much about hygiene.
People spend more than half of their days at offices. It is only natural that the usage of washroom areas becomes multifold. Washroom areas need to be designed well, and surfaces should not hold water or any dirt. Aesthetically, designs should be pleasing and look modern. Stylam Cuboid, a modular restroom and locker cubicle system is an ideal solution. The laminates are Germ-free shield that guarantees a safe and hygienic surface. Also, they are stylish, sturdy and available in various surface designs.
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