Hospitality, as an industry is ever-evolving. Design and Function, are equally important there. An ever-increasing expectation for high levels of customer satisfaction has become a given. Trends change quickly and increased adoption of technology is happening. Laminates have evolved too.

At Stylam, we believe it is important to have laminates for hospitality perform at the commercial level. The ambience of the reception, restaurants, cafes, pool area, and lobbies needs to be swanky, contemporary and functional at the same time. Cleanability, hygiene, wear and tear, or durability are necessary parameters to understand when it comes to applications in the hospitality industry.

Fascia, a blend of cellulose fibres and thermosetting resins, is a perfect outdoor solution used in combination with other materials. Manufactured under high pressure and temperature yields, Fascia is a highly-stable and dense panel. The exterior panels are engineered using PMMA-based UV technology. As a result, this blocks more than 99.8% of UV light to boost UV protection performance. STYLAM’s Fascia laminates, with its revolutionary Hot coating technology from KLEIBERIT, Germany come with a perfect strength-to-weight ratio.
People enter the reception area first. This is usually a high footfall area and interaction with laminates is high. Stylam offers Super Matt Pre-laminated MDF, which is integrated, versatile and capable of diversifying and shaping the identity of indoor ambience. GRANEX is also widely used in reception areas. The 100% acrylic solid surface is a durable material that is composed of Alumina trihydrate, Acrylic MMA resin, and Pigments, while looks & feels like natural stone.
Stylam Magnetic Laminate is a special type that can use a magnet to stick the paper or picture on the surface. Magnetic Laminates are HPLs that contain a thin foil layer of iron sandwiched in the HPL Backer, creating a magnetic effect. Stylam Magnetic Collection is the high-tech hybrid of industrial flair and sophisticated designed laminates that have strong magnetic effect and can be written on board non-permanent markers.
Locker rooms situated inside hotels and resorts leave a lasting impression. While style comes first for many hospitality partners, the function is equally important. Cuboid, made with Stylam Compact Laminates is ideal for new ultra-modern, yet functional Restroom Cubicles & Locker Systems. All Stylam Compact Laminates come with the Germ-Free protection Shield of “Anti-Bacterial & Antifungal”. Most importantly, Cuboid Restroom Cubicle Systems come in special dimensions that take care of the needs of physically challenged individuals.
What makes hotels and resorts stand out are the restaurants, cafe and gym/Spa areas. But an important fact not to be missed is, that the surfaces are exposed to liquid, salt water, food, juices and alcohol. This means laminates need to be both hygienic and liquid resistant. Stylam manufactures anti-bacterial and antifungal laminates that provide cleaner, hygienic and more durable surfaces. The surface and resins have been formulated to make it antibacterial. Prelam boards are also used for high abrasion resistance and durability.
The selection of laminates for washroom areas is crucial because of the presence of water and soap. If the right laminates are not placed, the surface areas can be ruined. Stylam brings in Cubicles (Cuboids) introducing modern concepts in restroom design in the hospitality sector. These cubicles are made from Compact Grade Laminate (CGL). The laminates are perfect for sensitive (humidity, heat) and high-traffic environments. Further, the Germ-Free Shield ensures continuous protection against the development and proliferation of bacteria. Germ-free shield present on laminates guarantees a safe and hygienic surface.
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