Compact laminate is a durable surface that can be used for outdoor application that can withstand exposure to outdoor environment offering contemporary, clean and low maintenance finish for daily use.

Compact laminate is made from layers of recycled paper fibres that have been dipped in resin and dried. These layers are stacked and sandwiched before being compressed under high pressure and heated to permanently meld together. Not only does this manufacturing process ensure an incredibly strong and dense structure, but it also enables the laminate to be made of varying thickness ranges.


Stylam presents Cuboid - a modular restroom and locker cubicle system.

We offer an exhaustive range that is stylish, sturdy and available in various surface designs . Cuboid Restroom cubicle systems come in special dimensions that take care of needs of physically challenged individuals. Anti-bacterial and anti-fungie properties of the laminate surface minimise the risk of spreading and transfering bacteria.


Cuboid Locker system made with stylam compact laminates are ideal for new ultra modren, yet functional and durable locker systems.

Available in varied colours, designs, sizes, formats and specifications, Cuboid locker system are perfect to your requirements , interiors and services. These systems are sturdy, durable, environment friendly and easy to use. They adapt well in high humidity zones like gymnasiums, spas, sauna centers, tennis clubs, swimming pools, commerical environments and centers.

A Broad collection of designs
Resistant to natural weather
Graffiti resistant
Fire Retardant
Eco sustainable
Resistant to harmful germs & cleaning agents
THICKNESS : 12mm & above
SIZE : 1860x4320 mm | 1860x3660mm