Stylam post forming laminates are made to roll in a radius over the edges of a substrate. With added flexibility, malleability and excellent thermoforming properties for forward and reverse bending applications, these Laminate enhances the decorative property of the edges of any regular laminate since it gives no seams around corners and a smooth, evenly laminated surface.

Post forming laminates impress with their patterns, technology, ergonomics and material used. We are constantly developing new technical and patented innovations. As a result, products are created which offer the customer the highest possible flexibility. These laminates also be formed into simple cylindrical concave or convex curves.

Impact Resistant
Moisture Resistant
Scratch & Stain Resistant
THICKNESS : 0.6mm & above
SIZE : 1300x2800 mm, 1860x3660 mm and 1860x4320 mm