Anti-fingerprint surface Comes with an ultra soft touch and deep matt finish to absorb lightfor harmonious interior spaces. Diverse patterns with a smooth feel softened by a matt surface, anti-fingerprint properties for projects that make a statement. Manufactured with state-of-Art BARBERAN line from Spain and cutting edge German KLEIBERIT hot coating technology results in thermal heating capability and anti-microbial surface protection which enhances likability of laminates.

These laminates have no unpleasant smell or stains, thus adding to look flawless for years ahead.

Technology and composition of Touch me surfaces allow aesthetics and elegance of matt decors to remain unscattered. Anti-finger print laminates-are new and easy to maintain since HOT COATING superior technology allows micro- scratches to be easily cleaned using rubber sponge, damp cloth or iron.

Smudge Resistant
super matt finish
Durable & long-lasting
scratch resistant impact resistant
Thermal Repair of Micro-scratches
Competitively priced
Anti-bacterial anti-fungal
environment friendly
THICKNESS : 1mm & above
SIZE : 1220x2440 mm | 1300x2800mm | 1300x3050mm