Stylam Electrostatic Dissipative laminates (ESD) diffuse static electric charge to minimise electrostatic charge. These ESD laminates have excellent Electro Static Dissipative property with 1 X 108 Ω point to point resistance point to ground resistance of 1 X 108 Ω and meet all required specifications for electrostatic dissipative properties. ESD laminates is suitable for a wide range of applications in IT offices, call centers, laboratories, electronic industries, and pharmaceutical labs.

Why Special Laminates?
  • Compliance to international standard EN 61340-4-1.
  • Industry best Point to Point Resistance of 1 X 108 Ω and point to ground resistance of 1 X 108 Ω
  • Absolute charge drainage and zero voltage suppression thus prevent damage
  • Resistance to solvents, hot solder and fluxes
  • Available as Post formable electrostatic dissipative laminates with slightly larger bending radius
Low electrical resistance
Absolute charge drainage & zero voltage suppression
Post formable ESD option is available but will require slightly larger bending radius
THICKNESS : 0.7 mm & above
SIZE : 1220x2440 mm | 1300x3050 mm