Fire retardant laminates have superior resistant to flame propagation and are designed to perform in most demanding environments.

These laminates are engineered with imported fire retardant agents along with special decorative paper impregnated with melamine resin and craft paper with phenolic resin.

They are available in 6mm & above industry best Euroclass B-s1,do fire classification and have been certified by Applus Laboratory Spain.

STYLAM IS THE ONLY MANUFACTUERER in INIDA to launch fire retardant thin laminates as low as 0.8mm with Euroclass C-s2,do fire classification.

Stylam fire retardant is the preferred choice for interiors as they combine creativity with added safety feature. This product is know for its superior flame resistance and high level of strength.

Fire retardant laminates is specially designed for surfaces in public places such as hotels, airports, buildings,institutions and offices, elevators, confined areas, schools and hospitals. These are also ideal for applications in naval and military sectors.

Eliminates Toxic Smoke
Delay Temperature Rise
Very low propagation of flame "Zero droplets in case of fire"
Resistant to Steam
Resistant to scratch
Resistance to immersion in boiling water
Resistant to cracking
THICKNESS : Compact panels (6 mm and above) | Thin sheets (0.8 mm and above)
SIZE : 1220 x 2440 mm | 1300 x 2800 mm | 1300x3050 mm