Special Laminates
Stylam brings you an unconvincing range of special laminates that are manufactured with the finest in technology. The divrse possibilities of Special Laminates let you experience surfaces with premium aesthetic appeal, along with functional benefit for every unique purpose.
Synchro Laminates
Stylam Synchro laminate has feel and look of solid wood and veneer. Stylam range is designed carefully and especially for designers, architects and proud house owners to give interiors a feel that looks natural.
Digital Laminates
You dream, We create - let your imagination go alive with Stylam Digital laminates. Digital Laminates translates your imagination, ideas, dreams into a masterpiece that you can see, feel or touch.
Mirror Shield Laminate
Stylam mirror laminates are manufactured using real aluminium, stainless stell and copper foils bonded to a backing of phenolic resin impregnated kraft paper giving a durable, semi rigid sheet for easy fabrication and handling.
Metallic Laminates
Stylam Metallic laminates are manufactured with high quality metalized imported Aluminium Foil of 0.1mm thickness. This real metal foil is used in place of decor paper, along with kraft paper impregnated with phenol formaldehyde resin.
Chalk/Marker Board
Stylam Chalkboard Laminates are made with special type of synthetic polymer which imparts durability to surface with easy cleaning of dry erase markers. Chalkboard Laminate is the perfect solution for any space or application that demands a durable and affordable writing surface.
Unicore Laminates
Unicore Laminates have uniqueness of combined identical colors with core layered decorative surface. In this process,decorative papers for surface layers are infused with treated melamine resins and same decorative papers are used as core layers that
Magnetic Laminates
Stylam Magnetic Collection is the high-tech hybrid of industrial flair and sophisticated design. Magnetic Laminates have a strong magnetic effect and can be written on with board nonpermanent markers ideal for a wide variety of applications in environments such as retail, education
Flicker Laminates
Make your home glisten with our sparkles range of high gloss Flicker laminates. This range also offers some really appealing colours and variety of aesthetically impressive options. The high gloss flicker laminates allow the designer to boost the look and feel of any space virtually.