Chalk/Marker Board

Stylam Chalkboard Laminates are made with special type of synthetic polymer which imparts durability to surface with easy cleaning of dry erase markers. Chalkboard Laminate is the perfect solution for any space or application that demands a durable and affordable writing surface.

Chalk grade laminate sheets used to manufacture the Chalkboard for smooth writing at schools, colleges, offices, restaurants, notice boards, etc. The laminate sheets are pressed over craft paper core panels with melamine resins to provide the smooth and durable writing panel for commercial and residential applications. Chalkboard laminate came up with extraordinary features like easy to work and smooth erasing effect.

Easy to install
Easy maintenance
Wear Resistant-better Abrasion for long life
Good machinability
Excellent stain resistance
Cost Effective
THICKNESS : 0.8 mm & 1mm
SIZE : 1220x2440 mm, 1300x3050mm