Laminate sheets are popularly used in residential spaces as a finishing material for furniture elements and flooring. People want to give a unique look to their homes. And there are ample interior design ideas for people to implement. Thanks to the world of laminates that has kept on evolving offering thousands of choices in terms of making, texture, colours and designs.

These days, laminates are preferred due to their easy installation on any wood surface like plywood and MDF panel. And then laminates are highly durable and can last for decades. And most importantly, they are easy to clean and maintain because of their smooth surface.

Stylam manufactures exterior cladding solutions, and designer and functional laminates for living areas, bedrooms, kid rooms, kitchens and more. Choices are plenty, both in terms of designs and colours. There are long-lasting laminates to keep the insides of the house sanitized, and germ-free.

Stylam understands how to make houses look great from the outside, as well as the inside. For exteriors, STYLAM offers Fascia with its revolutionary Hot coating technology from KLEIBERIT, Germany. Hot Coating is a fully automated process, to offer extremely durable, high scratch and abrasion wear resistance properties to the panels. The blend of cellulose fibres and thermosetting resins, manufactured under high pressure and temperature yields a highly stable, dense panel with a perfect strength-to-weight ratio.
When it comes to designs and styles in residential spaces, the living room takes the first spot. People spend plenty in ensuring their living rooms look stunning and reflect class. Stylam manufactures high-pressure laminates (HPL) that are decorative sheets glued together and bonded under high pressure. They are highly durable with the ability to withstand heavy loads. Stylam post-forming laminates are made to roll in a radius over the edges of a substrate. With added flexibility, malleability and excellent thermoforming properties for forward and reverse bending.
It is well known that home is a reflection of one’s own self. A well-done home interior could mean that you have personality and your choices have variety and aesthetics. Stylam is the first company in India to introduce revolutionary KLEIBERIT Hot Coating technology to produce high gloss pre-laminated boards. Stylam Synchro Laminates have solid wood and veneer-like feel, crafted carefully for designers, architects and proud house owners to give interiors a classy and natural look.
This area, in particular, needs to be playful. And there is no second thought to it. And yes, playful, and extremely hygienic. Therefore, laminates available in fixed patterns and designs may not be the best fit while doing kids’ rooms. Stylam customizes laminates with digital impressions. Choose from our designs or share designs with us. We will convert that imagination into reality on our laminates. With themes ranging from Abstract, Nature, Childhood, Youthful and Retro, one can choose from any category. High Gloss Laminates come in a range of bright colours which uplift the mood of a kid’s room.
Decades ago, it was mostly wood that was used in washrooms. It had its limitations. The reason why laminates have become a go-to option for washrooms inside homes. Laminates are very easy to maintain because you just need to wipe them clean in most cases. Anti-bacterial laminates are designed to keep germs away and withstand dust accumulation. They are also anti-slip as well as anti-wear and tear. Solid Surface – Granex is another kind of solution that adds years to the washbasins, slabs and bathtubs. For complete washroom laminate solutions, Stylam is the name to choose.
Kitchen designs have come a long way. The way cabinets are designed, and interiors are done, there is plenty one can do with laminates. Stylam manufactures High Gloss Laminates/Prelam Boards, AFP Laminates, Anti Bacterial and Solid Surface – Granex to enhance the look of kitchens. High Gloss Laminates come with moisture and UV resistance. High Gloss Prelam Boards’ unique style is combined with an innovative State-of-the-art machine with cutting-edge German technology. This results in high abrasion resistance and durability to the prelam board surface thereby maintaining the gloss level three times longer than ordinary gloss surface.
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