Large-scale prints, show boards, and displays are centrepieces of any retail store. Even small accessory displays can change the mood and appearance of stores. Right from dressing rooms, and display counters to changing rooms and restrooms; these are all the areas where laminates are used widely.

When it comes to looks, every retail store intends to be unique and wants to stand out from the rest. To achieve this, special laminates are used. Stylam laminates not only enhance the look of the stores but also adds life to the interiors.

Modern retail environments are appreciated and also inspire people who visit the stores. There are hundreds of touches on surfaces every day. Retail stores also need to ensure people visiting are safeguarded against germs and infections.

Retail spaces and malls are considered to be good when they look good from the outside. The exterior is the first aspect of any retail space that catches the attention of potential consumers. Stylam, one of the largest manufacturers of laminates in India, brings in Fascia, exterior cladding solutions for huge retail spaces. Revolutionary Hot coating technology from KLEIBERIT, Germany is behind this product. Hot Coating is a fully automated process, which leads to surfaces that are extremely durable, high scratch and abrasion wear resistance.
Over the years, trial rooms have kept on evolving. They look modern now and are not just a cubicle with doors closed. People change clothes there and touch the surfaces, doors, hangers and panels. Stylam Compact Panels and High-Pressure Laminates HPL, are perfect for these spaces. They are smooth, The Stylam laminates are of superior quality and available in various touches and textures.
Stylam manufactures laminates that make retail spaces look stunning, and provides a fresh perspective to the architecture designing all the interiors. Compact Panels and AFP Laminates are suitable for all kinds of wall designs giving staircases designer looks. Manufactured with state-of-Art BARBERAN line from Spain and cutting-edge German KLEIBERIT hot coating technology, Anti-Finger Print Laminates result in thermal heating capability and anti-microbial surface protection.
Remember the long queues in front of the billing counters? And people leaning forward, touching it every time. Now imagine a retail shop with a footfall of thousands. Would not one expect it to be clean all the time? The answer is yes. And with this, retail spaces say yes to Stylam Anti Finger Print Laminates and Post Forming Laminates. Stylam Post Forming Laminates are manufactured under a controlled reaction process where resin is allowed to cure fully leading to laminates taking the contour of the curved surface without cracking.
People spend a considerable amount of time shopping, roaming around and eating out at malls. They often visit the washroom multiple times. And it is only important to have all the restrooms designed in a way that keeps germs away. It is often observed that special attention is given to restrooms in malls. The reason why Stylam has Compact Panels and Anti-bacterial Laminates in its collection for retail spaces. With resin bath during the impregnation process, the anti-bacterial property is achieved and on surfaces it has a long-term resistance to harmful microbes, ultimately reducing the risk of cross-contamination.
One of the busiest areas in any retail space is the food courts. Thousands of people flock there to eat. The seating arrangements are usually tables made of laminates, counters made of laminates, and of course, the side panels and walls have the hints too. Stylam manufactures Anti-bacterial Laminates and Prelam Boards to make the space interesting in terms of looks, and more importantly keep the areas germ-free. This is important, considering the fact that people consume food and the chances of contamination are high.
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