Laminates are an integral part of any infrastructure. Be it homes, commercial spaces, retail spaces, or hospitals, laminates not only add aesthetics but also play a very crucial role in ensuring health and hygiene. This is where Stylam, with a wealth of industrial laminate experience, brings in advanced laminates for various applications.

Laminates that are mostly used in commercial or industrial spaces have higher strength and are more resistant to wear and tear. They exhibit high performance and are usually fire retardant, antibacterial and chemical resistant.

The new-age Stylam laminates are functional, important, and surely not devoid of aesthetics. Stylam is the largest laminate producing group in India with a production capacity of over 15.5 million laminate sheets annually. Kinds of laminates are plenty catering to the ever-growing needs of commercial and industrial houses.

Some of the specific laminates that Stylam has been recognised for in the residential, commercial and industrial spaces are Antibacterial Laminate, Exterior Cladding - Fascia, Anti Finger Print Prelam Boards and laminates - TouchMe, Chemical Resistant laminate, Fire Retardant Laminates, Acrylic Solid Surface - Granex, Post forming Laminates and Compact Panels.

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