Stylam owes its success to its people who gave their all to make the company what it is today. We are an organization that believes in the power of people and in empowering people.

This is the reason why we have undertaken a number of health and education initiatives.

We have been closely working with the Welfare Centre for Persons with Speech & Hearing Impairment, Rai Purani, Haryana. This is to help people overcome their hearing and speech challenges, and also provide the necessary equipment.

In the education sector, Stylam has been working with the Government Primary School, and Government High School of Village Manak Tabra, Haryana. We believe that a good environment in and around school creates a better learning atmosphere. This is the reason, we have been proving the schools with furniture, paint, cooling fans, and swings for playgrounds. In this way, kids not only get good surrounding but also enjoy the process of learning.

Apart from the above, under the village adoption scheme, we have adopted Village Abheypur for the development objective. This initiative is to energise the rural economy in India and to slow down rural-urban migration. The idea is to keep adopting more villages and develop them.

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