Hospitals are a kind of space where one expects health and hygiene aspects to be taken care of, in every possible way. This is an essential consideration point for the people visiting hospitals and for the hospitals maintaining high hygiene standards.

When it comes to laminates, there is no room for compromise in the healthcare industry. Laminates must not only comply with cleanability and wear or durability but also be modern in appearance and aesthetics.

Stylam laminates are suited to all the application areas in a hospital. The reception area, corridors, patient room, operation theatre, and food courts; all these spaces witness heavy footfall and active interaction with surfaces. Stylam laminates are hygienic, durable, aesthetically pleasing, easy to clean and with superior impact as well as scratch resistance.

It is understood that no one wants to visit hospitals in their best of health. There is always a sense of anxiety while on the way to hospitals. In such a state of mind, if the exteriors of a hospital appear to be spelling out positivity, isn’t this a great thing? Stylam Exterior Cladding Fascia is a quality product perfect for the exterior facade of hospitals. Fascia is manufactured through Hot coating German technology. Hot Coating is a fully automated process, where the coating of high-quality PU + acrylic is carried out on a decorative surface. This results in extremely durable, high scratch and abrasion wear-resistant panels.
Thousands of people enter this space, and almost every inch of the area is touched hundreds of times. It is extremely important to have anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, and anti-germ laminates installed in all the touch points. TouchMe and Granex are two kinds of surface solutions that Stylam offers. TouchMe is high-grade Matt Pre-laminated board capable of diversifying, shaping the identity of indoor ambience. And Granex is a high-quality composite 100% Acrylic Solid Surface made of natural resins and polymers. The look is very much like natural stone.
Corridors are the unofficial waiting areas in a hospital. One can find visitors sprawling in the corridor area. Since chances of infection are high, Stylam Anti-fungal and Anti-bacterial TouchMe laminates and Prelam Boards discourage contamination to a great extent. TouchMe has HOT COATING which is superior technology that allows micro-scratches to be easily cleaned using a rubber sponge, damp cloth or iron. There is no chance of unpleasant smell or stains, thus adding to look flawless for years ahead.
In any hospital, extra attention is given to the patient rooms. These are high-risk areas and every precaution is taken by the hospital to have an optimum level of hygiene. Elements like bacteria and fungus have no room here, therefore Stylam hygiene-proof TouchMe laminates. The anti-bacterial TouchMe surface also comes with an ultra-soft touch and deep matt finish to absorb light for harmonious interior spaces, which is important for positive vibes inside the rooms.
If there is a space in this world where hygiene cannot be compromised to even an iota of degree, that’s an operation Theatre in a hospital. The walls, the surfaces, everything is sanitized all the time. This is where Stylam TouchMe laminates prove to be crucial. They are manufactured with state-of-Art BARBERAN line from Spain and cutting-edge German KLEIBERIT hot coating technology. The laminates are specially made for ensuring hygiene in high-risk spaces.
Inside a hospital, locker rooms experience constant transfer of items. And in modern hospitals, one also expects a good-looking locker room. In such a scenario, Stylam Cuboid are a preferred category of laminates. This is for two reasons. First, they are good at looks and aesthetics. And more importantly, all Stylam Compact Laminates come with the Germ-Free protection Shield of Anti-Bacterial & Antifungal.
One of the busiest areas in a hospital. A number of visitors keep buying and eating food here. Naturally, the chances of contamination are high. And surfaces here are exposed to liquid and food items all the time. Only anti-bacterial and anti-fingerprint laminates could fit the space. Stylam manufactures special laminates like TouchMe that are contamination-proof. Easy to clean and long-lasting, these laminates stand the test of time.
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